I just installed a Syn4 amp to power my Rev10 tower speakers. Can somebody verify that that I have everything wired/set up correctly?

I used the Syn4 manual for reference. I bridged one speaker to the front and the other speaker bridged to the rear (I noticed that adjusting front and rear gain effects each speaker output independently, even though I’d expect the front gain to control both when in 2 channel mode).

I just have the front rcas hooked up and the source select in “2 CH.” I bought 2 rca y splitters to populate everything but wound up deciding I don’t need them. Let me know if I’m wrong.

The front and rear frequency I eyeballed around 90hz and set the selector to “high”. Rear frequency range I have set to “X1”

I have front and rear set to “bridged,” but I think that I should have probably set them to “L+R MONO”

I just blasted some tunes and turned up both front and rear gains together until I could hear some distortion and then backed them off a little bit. I did not play with bass boost.

Now to just figure out the best way to operate the tower speakers independently of the cabin speakers, so I can have them down or off when sitting and swimming. Is a rca line converter the best way attached to zone 2 the best way?

Hopefully the attached image works for reference. If not here’s a link to the manual.