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    I don't but it was there before to. I used to have 2 screens to choose from when not in autowake. Now i just have the one from the rear port corner view but without the tabs under the boat. I like to visually see the center plate and not look for the little number in the top right corner.

    I won't be home till Monday and i can take pictures then but the screens i currently have are the same as before minus the one i liked.

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    From what I see, yes they changed the middle screen. Honestly though, I think the new setup is better as it provides better info when Autowake is off - I'd not gotten used to the old one though either. It seems there were also quite a few improvements made - and I'm hoping my listing issue is resolved which would trump anything else for me!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigs28 View Post
    I did the 22 update last fall. Dealer did another update this week and it took away my favorite screen. If you like the screen that shows your three tabs under the boat then don't do the update because it's gone.
    ooof, good to know ... ill see how mine does this weekend on its maiden voyage.
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