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    Default Made in the shade

    After a long hot July 3rd and 4th in the sun, I am seeking some shade. We got our '03 Outback LS last August when they first came out...18 hours now and lovin every minute we can get out in it.

    Has anyone used one of the Anchorshades on their Moomba? I am apprehensive about having holes drilled in our fiberglass for a new bimini top. The downfall to the Anchorshade is that it can only be put up while at idle or when parked as it can not withstand high winds. I like the idea of the Anchorshade better, but am open for suggestions.

    If you are not familiar with Anchorshade, visit

    Anchorshade is app. $200 versus the $500 bimini top.


    Wes Schlegelmilch
    THREE FEET DEEP?????????????

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    I have a factory bimini on 02 Outback that was installed by the dealer. This works great with no complaints. It looks good also. We put it up in the morning and never take it down until we put the boat on the trailer. This winter I added a rad-a-cage tower to my boat. I had a big problem the binimi would not extend inside the tower. I looked at a new top ($500) or modifying the old one. After some careful measurments I was able to reduce the width of the top and I was able to maintain it's tightness, in other words no wind flap. We were out this past weekend and got caught in two high wind thunderstorms and we had no problems with the top. If I were going to spend money on a top, I would want one that I could leave up all of the time and not have to fool with.

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    I'd definetly get the Bimini, the holes they have to drill are tiny. I'm in Texas, and from may till nov we dont go out without it.

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