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    I wipe down at the boat ramp. Tried a bunch of products over the years and hate the ones that smell like cat piss. Most all work about the same, even my homemade versions. Used Lucas Spray Quick Detailer in the blue bottle all this year. Really happy with that. No water marks on the SL. Peeps always tell me it looks clean.

    For wax, I used Meguiar's Marine M5616 carnauba wax. Works well. Probably waxed 2x this year. The quick spray wax does a lot to keep it looking good. Plus my auto-detailer buds tell me it helping with any oxidation on a black/red boat.

    I do not have chill tech. You will be getting a spray bottle with Dawn on a new Supra interior.
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    I wipe down after we get back home and its in the shop. Get all of the gear out of it so it can dry out properly. Then I use Hula surf away detailer spray. Works very well on gelcoat even if its dry and pretty streak free on windows. Plus smells good. Hula RAD on the gator step and then Vinyl Sauce on the seats if they are dirty if not Hula Vinyl conditioner. Love to find something that would keep the gator step from water spoting so bad so it didn't have to be wiped down every trip out. Not hard to wipe down just adds more time.
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    We used hot sauce on our last two boats with good results.

    Where we used to boat the typical pm winds were 15+ and RH <12 and water hardness near 800, so it was a race to spray and dry before spots happened bad.

    If we were camping with the boat, all bets were off because it would be moored for 3-5 days. We’d wipe down the glass and any polished surfaces above the waterline. It usually took me at least a whole day of cleaning after the camping trip.

    Day trips we usually were home by 3pm, so take a nap, order some dinner, and use the cool of the early evening to rinse, polish with hot sauce, and dry.

    The chiltec in the SA was only problematic if sunscreen got on it. Still haven’t figured out a solution for getting the sunscreen stains out.

    When the new boat comes, I’ll be stocked up with Hula products for surface care.

    Making my new SA build come true!!!
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    "RH <12 and water hardness near 800"

    Damn! That' super dry! I could see watersheds the size of quarters forming in those conditions!

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    Bought Hot Sauce this year due to all the good reviews- The stuff works good. Once the bottle was empty I mixed up some water, vinegar and Meguiars detail mist car wax and found this worked as good or better than Hot Sauce. (In the past I just used water and vinegar).

    Never wipe the boat down at the landing as we are always wanting to just get out of there. I’ll wait until the next day when everything is dried up.
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    My issue with wiping down at the ramp is trying to dry it in direct sun. Always looks like crap.

    Comes out so much nicer and exponentially easier indoors.

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    Default Wipe down process

    I agree. Hard to get a good clean shine at the ramp on a hot sunny day. I usually hit it fairly quick. Then depending on how soon the next use will be I shine it up at home or just leave it for next trip.

    Do inside and outside really good at season end.

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