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    Default What prop are you running on your Max

    We only surf and I don’t care about WOT top speed I would like to get better fuel economy I believe the prop I have is more suited for high elevation. Boat has all kinds of power

    2019 max

    Stock ballast plus a 400 # fat sac in each midship

    Usually 2-6 adults

    Prop is a 15x13 wake pro

    Surfing rpm is 3200-3500

    Elevation is 1100 ft

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    That sounds about ideal.
    13 is a pretty low pitch prop meant for high torque while sacrificing top end.
    32-3500 is good on the RPM's

    I doubt you'll get better economy from changing props that one is pretty well suited for surfing.
    2020 Supra SA

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