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    I have mixed feelings about my dealer.

    I was lucky enough to find a Max in stock at the closest dealer. Only option it didn't have was depth, not a big deal to me.

    It's a guy in his 70's who does sales. No technology whatsoever. When I went to put a downpayment on the boat and whipped out my debit card, he said, "We haven't taken those in 10 years." I said, "I haven't written a check in longer than that."

    Two weeks ago today we did the sea trial, the son of the owner who is the service manager (and only service person) took me out on the boat. He couldn't show me how to operate any of the boat functions beyond flipping the dash switches. Cool, cool, that's what YouTube is for I guess.

    They're nice guys, but I have concerns with how long any service is going to take. Maybe if I can line up the service for when I'm on vacation I'll take it in.

    So this relates back to OP in some sense, the Amsoil fluid equivalents I located are below. I dislike buying critical items like this from Amazon due to the number of counterfeit products. It's well documented even items shipped and sold by Amazon doesn't really matter due to the fulfillment processes. The few bucks to join the Amsoil preferred program (25% discount) are well worth it if you start using their products in your vehicle(s) as well.

    10-20 hour service:
    Change engine oil + filter (Got the Indmar filter - oil is what I need to locate)
    Change transmission fluid (Amsoil OE Fuel-Efficient Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid)
    Change V-Drive fluid (Amsoil SAE 50 Long-Life Synthetic Transmission Oil)
    Inspect belts (visual and locate proper tension - I've got the push gauge for this)
    Check shaft alignment

    Don't quote me on where those fluids are going I'm just going off the top of my head right now, I have the list in my garage. I know the transmission fluid is correct, I might have the V-Drive mixed up with another fluid. Regardless they have it all. If you don't see something, send them a message and ask for the equivalent, they get back to you in a day.

    I can certainly use the fluids for the next cycle, it's going to hinge on how long they tell me. If they tell me 2-3 weeks in the middle of the summer, that's a good chunk of lost time!
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    How often are you guys replacing the spark plugs?

    Is there a good video to check the shaft alignment or belt tension?

    Besides checking the break pads and lights do you guys do anything else with the no service trailer. (says its supposed to be good for 10 years)
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    Default All the indmar fluid is back ordered. Is this the right stuff?

    I just replaced my spark plugs at about the 300 hr mark because I got a fault code. It was fairly easy but you do have to remove a few things to get at the top plugs.

    The belt tension is not adjustable and shaft alignment requires decoupling from the v drive. It wasnít hard with the right tools. I had to take mine apart to replace the main seal that goes out of the boat, I forget what thatís called again. Thereís a guy named Ron Tanis who put videos on youtube and he has one that just about this. He also sells the decoupling part. I actually called them and talked to him myself and he walked me through the process. Very nice guy.
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