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    Question Problems after dewinterizing

    Hello all

    I try to be very tidy about servicing my boat...just because I have to do all myself, no tech service here...
    I had all the work done after winter but still have a few problems:

    First is doesnīt read anything so the PP doesnīt work either, tomorrow I think I have a new paddlewheel sensor just to check. I tried lifting up the floor panel and took all the screws off but It seems the floor is glued down. Searched the forums for the "famous hidden screws" but I think that is for previous models (I have 2007 Outback V). Any ideas?

    Second problem is the low pressure light of the Walters v-drive.Till last year it used to come off a bit too high,almost 2000 rpm..the limit manual says. But this year it didnīt come off and I tried till 3000 rpm. Oil is correct and I havenīt seen leaks. Just in case I ordered the low oil pressure sender from Skidim to try the last chance. Anyone has similar problem?

    Last problem for now is the check engine light...last year first time at sea the light come alight but after the three cycles it went off and so was the rest of the season,all normal.
    But this year the bloody light is always on. I have the MEFI scan cable coming tomorrow to check if everything is correct in the engine or is it just false error codes. I would really appreciate about the Moomba users experiences, as always, almost the only way to fix my boat myself.

    Hope you lot have a nice long summer season free of problems.

    Just had an answer from Larry Engelbert about the check engine light, great guy and great thing to have a person like him caring about customers.
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    Can you share what the problem was? I have a similar problem...

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