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    Default Best Setup moomba mondo for wakeboarding

    For wakeboarding, anyone have suggestions for wakeboard best setup. I have 2016 moomba mondo auto surf with factory front and rear ballast package.

    I usually go 20 mph with 60 foot rope and about 50 percent ballast in rear. Wake plate up. Get ok air off wake but would like more air .

    Should I increase ballast in back and speed up?

    Maybe go longer rope to 70?

    Add ballast to front too?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Are you running any front ballast? I run a lot in the front of our boat with about half or more rear. I run 21.4 at 65', but adjust speed and length accordingly. Also what board are you riding and what is your skill level. I told you how to make a bigger wake while not being super wide to have to run higher speeds, but your technique and board will have a lot to do with it as well. Post up some videos if you can on here or jump on the Facebook pages like wakeboarding only or wakeboard instruction.
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