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    Default Swim Platform Blackness

    Hey Hey ... new to the Moomba forum and this is my first post.

    My '04 Outback now has come down with platform deterioration where I'm getting black residue all over my upholstery and carpet. I guess not to bad for such an old boat. I've looked through a lot of threads and this has been and issue in the past. It looks like Gator Grip or Seadek were the ways to go. however, a lot of the posts were at least 10 years old. Gator Grip & do not seem to currently exist. I so see Gator Guards, which has a Gatorskinz product that I can get in bulk.

    Does anyone have comments how Gatorskinz compares to Seadek??


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    Same boat, same problem. Gator Step is a great product and they have the templet for your swim deck. There is a company in Georgia called Aqua Marine Deck that has the templet also but not online, you have to call them I believe. Hydrodeck also has the templet for your deck. Gator Step and Hydrodeck are the only two I have experience with and I guess I like them about the same.

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    Very common problem. Did my '03 when I bought it in '13. Sea deck is nice but very pricey and you will wait forever to get it. I used hydroturf. Great product and still looks great after 8 years. Pull off the old pads and use them as templates to cut the hydroturf sheet. Use a blade and file the edges to make them look nice if there is a jagged edge after you cut it. Seadeck used to have how-to videos on youtube for how to remove old adhesive. These were helpful. You can order the hydroturf with self adhesive. Pretty easy job.

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