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    Default Motor water flow issue

    I have a 2000 Moomba Outback. Used the Fake-a-Lake plunger to run the motor in order to change the oil but am not getting any water to exhaust out. Checked the impeller and it is spinning when the motor is on. The impeller I replaced did not have any damaged fins to plug anything up. Lost on what could be the problem. My Fake-a-Lake is a couple of years old so not sure it they have a life span where they do not seal good anymore. I did notice this time that instead of it waterfalling out of the plunger that it was spraying out the sides which lends me to believe that I need to replace it but I may be way off base. Appreciate any feedback. Thansk.

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    It takes a minute or two before seeing water coming out especially after being winterized. Spraying out the side of the fake a lake is ok as water has to go somewhere. If anything, the water pressure may be a bit high but it won't affect the water going into the engine. Just check the engine by feel to make sure it doesn't get too warm. You can shut the engine off, let it cool and try it again. The water should be in the system the second go around.
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