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    Quote Originally Posted by rockymtnsurfer View Post
    Any thoughts? Adjustments on the surge? No one at Marine. products could help me, not did they have a solution except it works when they tested it.

    I have a system now with the key, but its annoying and frustrating.
    After thinking about it a bit, I remember reading about issues when auto headlights were set. There is an issue with remote start systems where if auto headlight is on the remote start would cause issue with a lighting relay if it wasn’t wired correctly. I know these are separate issues, but it could stand to some reason why it happens. Similar issue occurs with aftermarket tow mirrors that have a reverse spotlight incorporated. Some users cannot get the spotlight to shut off if auto headlights is on. I always run with auto headlights, so that may have caused my issue. I came to this thought after Sonic provided the VM troubleshooting instructions.

    So, it’s a no-cost troubleshooting idea. Nothing to lose right?
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    my 16 chevy has auto headlights. last boatmate was '14 and current is '20. no issues with surge on either trailer.
    now our prior '12 trailer from metalcraft didn't have surge. EVERY time we backed that thing up we had to use the lockout. piss poor design for sure......
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    Quote Originally Posted by SONIC View Post

    Some troubleshooting for surge brakes.
    They should not engage at all in reverse.
    Google...haha....perfect thank you....I am going to go through this in my shop next week. I have to get this solved
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