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Thread: Transom remote

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    Default Transom remote

    Posted on Supra but will ask same question here. With Bluetooth and passenger stereo access does anyone bothering ordering transom remote? I dont ever remember using it although we have had it on all our boats. Was thinking about leaving it off new build.
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    We never use ours. If I was to build a boat I would leave it off. More stuff on the boat means more stuff to break. So if I dont use it I don’t want it.

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    had it on our first 3 and not on current and won't miss it but we also don't have a sandbar here in vegas we go to. in wisconsin we used it pretty regularly while chillin at the back of the boat at the bar.
    that would be the only reason we would add again.
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    we never used ours on our previous boat so i didn't order it on our new boat but the dealer put a small Fusion "puck" remote on the transom. They are only $45 from amazon and you can mount them anywhere if you wanted to go that rout.
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    Don't use mine. If I built a new boat, not sure I would add the option.
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    I use mine a lot, but that may be why I've been through 4 of them in 3 seasons... The Fusion remote with screen is a piece of crap. I won't order it again, and just do something else next time. I think the new boats with the remote above the rub rail may be better - mine gets drenched every time I stop with weight in the boat.

    Normally the screen just stops working, but the buttons are OK, but this latest time it would intermittently crank the volume to MAX and randomly press "pause" I ended up disconnecting the NMEA2000 cable last time we where out this season. Right now I think I'll probably get a replacement and not even put it on the boat until I'm ready to sell. If there weren't a hole in my hull I'd pull it out. Maximum disappointment!
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    We use ours every time we anchor or tie up. We also use it when sitting on the back corner while surfing if a song comes up that sucks...skip.
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    We've had this discussion before but it still amazes me how differently people use their boats.

    I would not go without the transom remote. We use it all day every time we're out.
    Skip songs for the surfer, and skip and volume up down while anchored hanging out in the water behind the boat.
    Phone sits in the cradle up front so bluetooth doesn't replace the transom remote IMO.

    If you're wearing an apple watch you will probably use it less but then only you have the control and everyone else has to get up and into the boat just to turn it up or down.
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    We use ours all of the time but if the blue tooth remote was available at the time I would have gone that route. Might be just me but I have broke the knob off of ours twice which requires a full new remote. Just in a bad spot on the makai in the relatively narrow step. Can always add it later for $150 bucks if the blue tooth one doesn't work out but hard to go the other way since the wired remote comes with one big hole and 4 screw holes that need to be covered up.
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    I wish the Supra transom remotes were the Bluetooth variants. I believe only the hard wired remotes work with the vision system.

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