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    Default 2021 Mojo Premium wetsounds stereo package

    Looking at the wetsounds web page, it looks like all the in boat speakers will have led lights. Does anyone know if that is correct? I assume the Rev10s won't. Anybody know how difficult it is to add the RBG rings to the tower speakers and add the remote that ties to the music?

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    If the OEM speakers are the actual Revo series, then yes, they should have the lights built in. If they are a one-off OEM for Moomba, they may not. An example was the OEM done for Malibu, did not include the LED. The Recon series come with or w/o LED. If you can see/feel the back of the speakers, there will be a 4-wire harness of it has the LEDs.

    If the tower is pre-wired for LEDs, then it would not be a major project. But this depends on if tower LEDs is even an option from Moomba. If not an option, then of course, the tower would not be wired for LEDs. However, you may need additional hardware and possibly need to remove the speaker entirely, in order to connect the wiring.

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    my cabin speakers have blue lighting built in and the Rev 10's don't have anything.
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