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    Default Ordering a 2021 Kaiyen

    Been lurking on the forum for a while. Secured a build slot and just starting to nail down some of the options on a Kaiyen. This would be our first boat. Have surfed and spent some time on a Supra SL in the past. I think it was a 2017. Family is more interested in surfing with the boat than anything else. Will be trailering the boat every time. My dealer is a couple hours away and a very small dealer with zero stock. I get the feeling I will get some better feedback on my questions here.

    Prop Options:
    Is the general one what I should go with? Would I benefit from the speed/surf one? I don't plan to use at a higher elevation. Can someone help me understand the pros and cons of these options?

    Trailer Options:
    What does the Torsion upgrade do?
    Do I need to select a two tone fender? What does the standard fender look like?
    Does the trailer not come standard with a spare tire? Is that really an upgrade?
    What do the aluminum step plates look like and where are they located?
    What is the purpose of the square black trailer jack upgrade? What is different about it from the standard one?
    Guide pole covers sound like a no brainer, am I missing something here?
    Transom trailer straps - If I don't select that option what do you tie the boat down with?
    What is the difference with the electric hydraulic break option and why does one select that option over standard? Just better performance?

    Should I get the factory cover or would aftermarket have one for the Kaiyen? I read the thread about them and it sounded like the factory one works fine while towing but others like the Outer Armor cover.

    Walk-thru screen:
    Does anyone use these?

    A3 Tower vs the Pro: I know the pro is necessary for an 8 foot door. How tall of a door do you need for the A3?

    Thanks for all the help.

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    Default Ordering a 2021 Kaiyen

    Personally, wakeboard are tow boats, not speed boats, so I am fine losing top speed for maximum low speed torque.

    For reference ALL dealers are low to no inventory, boat sales are hot right now, sellers market

    You absolutely donít need electric brakes. The surge disc breaks on boatmate trailers are outstanding.

    Two tone trailers are a preference thing. I prefer the standard monotone trailer.

    Transom step a must if you want to board your boat on the trailer.

    Upgraded tongue jack is purely robustness, the standard one works.

    Spare tire is an option.

    Torsion suspension is smoother and quieter.

    Investigate an outer armor cover like the Supra cover. Way better and outstanding for trailering speeds. Factory cover is nowhere near as good as outer armor cover for same price

    Transom straps a must, but you can get them half the price on Amazon and bolt them on yourself.

    Pro tower is the previous Supra tower. Canít say if itís good or bad.

    Guide pole covers are good and bad. The moomba ones are a cover over a pool noodle but they get torn up easy. The PVC ones are durable, but rattle going down road, cheap to replace.

    Walk through screen, I have never used it, but if you want to extend season early and late itís a must, then you better add the heater.

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    if you plan to do a lot of surfing and load the boat with a lot of extra ballast, lead, and have a big crew then you want to get the surf prop. It will have more hold shot. If you are not at elevation and just going to be cruising around, wakeboarding, skiing and occasionally surfing with just a few people in the boat then the standard prop would be fine.

    Don't know much about the torsion but the standard axle is just fine.

    two tone fender is personal preference, it would be purely for show.

    see the picture of Sandm's boat in the above thread to give you an idea of aluminum plates. Moomba comes standard with black "padded" material on top of the trailer to step on.

    you have to pay extra for the spare. Stupid, i agree.

    You will want guide pole covers. You can always order some online from a bunch of places. My dealer through them in for free

    Get the transom step, it's a must. It is an extension of the trailer that makes getting onto the swim deck a ton easier. The straps attach to the bottom of the trailer and not the step. So whether you have the step or not you will have a place to attach the straps. Like Larry said, buy some ratchet straps for 1/2 the price from amazon. I bought these and they are heavy duty.

    Don't know much about the electric brakes, but the standard ones have always worked great for me.

    The factory cover is really pretty good and will do fine towing. I wanted to get an Outer Armor cover but after talking to Outer Armor they said they can't get anything measured at the factory for 2021s.

    I used a walk through screen early spring and late fall when it gets cold and it is nice to block the cold wind.

    Don't know how tall the A3 tower is but i can confirm that the Pro tower will fit in an 8 ft garage. I also think the Pro looks a lot better, but is it $4K better????
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    The spare tire is a must. Boat trailers are infamous for getting flats/tires destroyed--especially if you compare them to your auto/truck tires. I also bought a jack that could lift the trailer with the boat on it--the scissors jack supplied with my Grand Cherokee was not up to the job (yes, learned from experience).

    The cover is fine, but you can get a really nice cover from Evolution for similar money...

    Transom step is awesome.

    It will come with standard straps--just not the cute ratchet one attached to the trailer.

    Standard brakes are the way to go.

    Skip the 2-tone.

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    I ride around with a hydraulic floor jack in the bed of the truck. I hate stock scissor jacks that come on vehicles.
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