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    As I could read in this chat during the last two weeks, I´m not the only with this problem in Spain, well…I got factory incentives last November to buy my LSV which should be here in February so I have already paid 20 % in advance for it.

    Since my boat was delayed I was calling to the Spanish Dealer everyday and what they have been telling me for 2 months is that they are waiting for the Slot confirmation but nobody from Skiers Choice has sent it.

    Last week “Moomba Armada” who is also with the same problem wrote a post in this chat to explain his situation which is the same as mine.

    I don´t know if this is only happening in Spain, I always have read in this chat about the good reputation of Skiers Choice and because of this I can´t understand anything…..Probably SC is only worrying about the domestic market…maybe they have sold more boats than can build…or maybe they don´t care about the Spanish market…They obviously sell much more boats in EEUU than in Europe but we are customers too…I´m sure that if they keep this going without solution the Spanish market is not going to grow up.

    They are not taking care of their Spanish customers service

    I have heard that these boats are really cool but I think I won´t prove them.

    The Spanish dealer told me last week that my LSV would be in production last Monday, hopefully it would be in Spain at the end of April, yesterday when I was thinking that “best late than never”, they surprised me telling that SC doesn´t have engines with Fresh Water Coolin in stock so the boats will delay another month, what is happening here????? I got one of the 10 slots they were given with factory incentives last November and they knew it since then that I needed the boat with Fresh Water Coolin System.


    I don´t know what should I do, my girlfriend told me to get the money back and try for another boat, and maybe that is what I should do because the Spanish Dealer told me that they can´t do anything more,that everything now is in hands of SC and they seem not to care about Spanish customers.

    I´m waiting for some answers from my Spanish Dealer and SC, they are not getting easy for me to be a Moomba owner.

    I´m really sorry for boring you with my problems but I want to report to SC all the troubles we are getting in Spain.

    I hope that someone can give me a solution soon.

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    Just curious... How much was the total price for your LSV in Spain.

    I am also fro Europe-Greece and I am wondering if there is any difference...

    Sorry I can not help you with your problem.

    Good luck,
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