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Thank you for all the feedback. I went through the entire cooling system and did not find any restrictions in the system. The thermostat looked old so I replaced it while I had it apart. I took it for a test drive and the temp is steady at 160 degrees but I am still getting the hot/burning smell when running above 3800 rpms. I stuck my head in the engine compartment and it seems to be coming from the oil filter/valve cover general area. Any other ideas to check?
Make sure your v-belts are aligned properly and that they are correctly tightened. Also, could you possibly have the packing gland too tight at the driveshaft? Are you getting a slight drip of water when its running or do you have a dripless seal setup? If you have a dripless seal, make sure the cooling water line is flowing to the seal area. The more RPM you run, the hotter it will get. Is there any chance that something fell under you engine in the bilge are and is rubbing on the driveshaft under there?