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    Default Get Ready to swerve

    Ok. It may be 40 and snow predicted for this week, but our lake is OPEN. It will probably be a few weeks before my schedule and my nerves are in synch. However, I ran across this on Chris Rossis page and thought it really answered a lot of questions that I have seen on this board over the years.

    I strongly recommend reading this if you want to improve your style. It is not just for the Pros.

    Hope it helps you this season.

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    Great article. Thanks for the link!

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    Default first competition

    We had our first collegiate competition this last weekend in Auburn, Al.
    It's a lil rough trying to slalom a course and trick ski without skiing in 4 months - that and the muscles were soooo gone after jump.

    Georgia Tech Water Ski
    Tournament info

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