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I like your steel piles. I think it looks much cleaner than having everything done out of wood. Very nice!

Not having the lower boards below the deck of the boat house can be a huge pain as the boat can try to go under the dock. No boat houses on Livingston have them but every boat house on Conroe does. I never could figure out why. We added two 2x12s to my father in laws boat house on one side so I tie up to the side and have something for the bumpers to push off of.

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Thanks! Ya we are really excited at how well it is turning out. The top deck is Trex as well so that with the steel piles finishes very clean.

We have friends with a lake house on Conroe on open water and they have their lower boards pop off about once a year depending on the water level. Our contractor said that if he put them on we would be calling him at least once a year bc they popped off. It is a relatively calm lake but when the cold fronts push through and the North wind whips it can create quite a chop since we are on the south side of the lake. For other boats that show up we are going to put bumpers on the piles off of the deck for them to rest against when loading and unloading and then just use whips to tie them up.