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    Are you the same guy who was talking about 2 prop hits on Lake Cumberland? Did you buy from Denney? Hopefully they can help - they tend to get overwhelmed right before a holiday weekend...[/QUOTE]

    I’m the same guy who had 2 prop hits and am headed to Lake Cumberland in a week. Yeah, 2nd prop hit on Friday night, swapped to spare prop to run on Saturday and the boat died on the water....that’s lucky me!

    Monday Update: I was at Delta prop when they opened this morning. Said there is a hairline crack in one of the blades so they can’t fix it - liability thing, so bought another new one.

    Moomba dealer was very sympathetic and said to drop it off tonight and they will do everything in their power to get it fixed this week for our trip next week. The tech obviously needs to look at it, but initial thought based on my description of events is bad ignition switch.

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    Hopefully they get you taken care of in time for your trip. Let us know the cause but I agree with others it sounds ignition switch related.
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