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    Default New Moomba owner - helix wakesurf question

    Hi Everyone,

    Brand new 2019 moomba helix owner.
    Auto wake 2.0
    G6 system
    2100lbs ballast

    I have gone on it the last couple of days and some of us are finding it hard to let go of the rope and have the wave carry us. We are using a phase 5 XB board, ballast is on auto wake so sometimes it messes with plates and full ballast. One time, it was 100 port, 0 center, 50 starboard. It never lines up in the "actual" either.

    Can anyone suggest scenarios to fix or maybe show what I am doing wrong. Plates are usually 75 or 60 on the surf side, 75 center tab. Just seems the wave isn't long enough either.

    Thanks in advance!

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    First, read through the sticky on Autowake in the forum. Good info. Watch the vids from Moomba and Wake9. I had nothing but problems with Autowake, now I just fill all full and run manual with a small crew. Also, join the FB group Supra Moomba, way more info and super fast responses. More often than not, people don't use autowake, but those that do love it. I'll try again this year when I have a full boat of people. Oh, and you're gonna want more weight in that boat either through upgraded bags/lead/both.
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    Watch my video on Autowake.

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    I got the same boat and didnt have a problem dropping the rope with stock ballasts. I'm 5''11, 180lbs and helix is the first boat I owned. Try the center plate closer to 0, no higher then say then 25. Put surf side at 100% and non surf around 80% and center at 100%. Try speed from 10.2-11.4 I find works on my boat. I usually run the surf plate at like 75%. After the boat is doing it's thing go into auto wake and see how you are sitting pitch/roll. It might help as it did me.

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    Try adding a few more #s than 2100#.

    Forward weight will make it longer, but you will also loose more height. It's like putting the plate down for a flatter skim-style wave.
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    Strange , skiers choice told me the G6 ballast is not available on the Helix. The issue came up when I upgraded to the wakemakers bags the guy there asked me which ballast system I had. I said I wasn’t sure and called SC , after giving him my vin the guy there told me G6 is not an option on the Helix. Mine is also a 2019.

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