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    Default wakemaker rear bag upgrade in 2016 mondo

    Does anyone know the correct fill and empty time to reprogram the pumps in a 2016 mondo. I upgraded to the exact fit's, I believe 1100's. They are filling fine but not completely emptying.


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    Drain times are usually longer than fill times.

    If your fill is 11 mins for 1100s, your drain is probably 13 mins.

    If you haul ass back to dock while draining, you should get that last lil bit out.

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    Time it yourself and reset your timers. It won’t be exactly the same from boat to boat as voltage fluctuations affect how fast the pumps run.

    Just run the pumps manually over and over until they overflow and time how long that takes. Also keep in mind that filling while idling will take longer than filling with the engine running faster as the voltage at idle is around 12.5V and the voltage with higher engine speeds will be 14.5-15V and you can even hear the pumps running faster.

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