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    Default How Is Oil Filter Accessed - Kamberra?

    I recommend anyone ordering a "new" Moomba opt for the "remote location for the Oil Filter" option. Its got to be in a better location than the "standard location".

    Does anyone know how to get to the Oil Filter? And change it without going to a Moomba dealer? On my Kamberra, its under the starboard side of the engine pretty much inaccessable - unless you're a double jointed contortionist.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Default Filter change

    It's not that bad, just time consuming. Remove the vinyl walk-thru panel, remove the water intake hose on the intakeside of the transmission cooler, remove the trans. cooler mounting bolt(11/16) I think, and lay it to the side. The filter should be fairly accessable, loosen with a filter wrench, use a discarded bread bag and slide under the filter, loosen by hand, and let the filter fall into the bag, hold there for several seconds to catch any dripping oil, (previously, lay several rags in bilge under filter). You should then be able to manipulate the filter in bag out of the boat with little mess. Repeat above in reverse order. DO NOT forget to put the water intake hose back on the trans. cooler, it makes for a very expensive oil change.Brian Raymond

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    I have been changing oil on all of my vehicals for many years.
    Your bread bag idea is the best idea I have heard in many years, I will use it for every oil change from here on out, Thanks for the GREAT idea!
    Bruce Fuerstenberg

    Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting...holy shit!...what a ride!

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