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    Question Wakemaker ExactFit bagbusters dont fit in my 2020 Moomba Makai

    Has anyone else experienced an issue with the Wakemaker "Exact Fit" bags not fitting in there boat? The bags I got form them for my 2020 Moomba Makai aren't long enough to connect to the tubes on both ends. All 5 tubes are protruding about 6" on both ends of the compartment but the bag is about 2" short of them. Am I missing something? The box they came in says 2019 Moomba Max/Makai so could that be the issue? Did the dimensions change form 2019 to 2020?

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    Have you talked to WakeMakers yet? They are usually pretty good about making it right if there's an issue.
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    I had the same issue. They had a bad batch of bags. Called them up and they sent me new ones right away. Very easy. They were excellent about it

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    Yup we had that issue with our kit for the Max, rear bags were too short. They are the same bags used on the Makaii. Called them and they took care of it by making us new bags and 2nd day air shipping them.
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