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    Default Removing the fat sacks completely

    Hey! New to this forum and first time boat owner.
    Love the fat sacks in our boat but we have 3 and don’t need them all. What we really need is the playpen space for coolers and storage.
    Can the fat sacks be disconnected and removed semi “permanently” ?
    We want to reserve the ability to put them back in later but not now. Ways to remove them and cap the fittings off?

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    Welcome, and yea there is no problem with removing a sac. Wakemakers has lots of ballast fittings that could work to just plug the hose so you don't get any water leaking in. Not sure what kind of ballast set up you have, but if you have the older style set up with the sprinkler valves you may want to unscrew the solinoid to that particular sprinkler valve so even if you accidentally hit that button to fill it won't turn on. If you have an updated system with reversible pumps then just take out the fuse. This is the kind of plug that might work, just make sure you get the right size.
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    not sure on your boat and what you are really wanting to do.
    remove them for all outings?
    remove some of them?
    wakeboarding, skiing, party cove or tubing you can get away without them. surfing, you will need all of them and then some weight.

    I've removed them from our boat on a couple of outings in the rear corners. we just leave the hoses in the back and move on with boating.
    if you are worried about filling up with water, scott has the answers.
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    What boat do you have?

    There will be a Thru-Hull Intake, one or multiples ones depending on your boat, I would turn off the Bronze Ball Valve (emergency shut off valve). That would prevent any water from entering the ballast system.

    As for your switches, depending on your boat model, you can also kill the power to your switches via fuses. That will prevent someone from bumping the switches, not running water thru the pumps, that would wear-down your pumps. As Scott mentioned, on older sprinkler systems the manifold will have an electronic solenoid sprinkler valve (Orbit Brand).
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