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    Default Looking to replace Moomba Mobius LSV something newer under 50k

    I just sold my 2006 Moomba Mobius we put upgraded bags in rear and front 2500lb with Ronix 8 wedge and had a really nice wave. We mostly surf & wakeboard. Looking to get something that already has surf tabs or system. I would love to hear everybody's thoughts. I would like to stay under 50k if possible.
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    Not sure what year they started adding the real surf systems, but it may be out of your price range. My '14 LSV is supposedly worth $40-45k, and it has the godawful manual surf tabs on the back. They are literally useless. A suction cup wake shaper was an absolute game changer.

    But that being said, all it takes to get a great wave from boats in that era is more weight over stock, and a shaper. Ours is killer with about 2500-3000 total and a home made shaper. The '14 I believe was the last year of the Indmar Chevy 350 based engines. I believe '15 and up is when they started using the Raptor engines. Not sure if that will affect your decision or not.
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    if you are wanting to stay under 50k and want a tab system your best bets are finding a boat in your price range and adding a system to it like GSA.
    surf systems from most of the larger boat brands didn't really become mainstream until the last 3 or 4 years and those boats are likely going to run you more than 50k for a good example. the first year or 2 from most of the brands were not complete as 94rx lists above so be sure you know what you are getting into when sellers list a "surf system".

    good luck.
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    I'm looking to do something similar so I'm curious what you end up going with. I've got an '06 LSV that I would like to sell this spring and upgrade. I'm leaning toward a used Craz. I would like to stay around $50K but I know I'll to spend more than that to get something '17 or newer. If you don't mind me asking, what did you get for your '06 LSV? Thanks
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    [QUOTE=White94RX;349572] and it has the godawful manual surf tabs on the back. They are literally useless. A suction cup wake shaper was an absolute game changer.


    Yeah, the LSV was a different shape and down position. The manual system on the Mojo from 14 and 15 was way better. Ran them for 3 years on my 15 Mojo, with extra weight and a bit of dialing, and was always able to produce a really nice long powerful wave. If the op found a 15 with the newer hull and manual tabs in his price range, I wouldn't hesitate to pick it up. Great boats with nothing to really break.
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