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But my theory is waitstaff needs tips to live and I don’t.
although I agree with this to a degree, it seems that society today, especially here in las vegas, is under the guise that all I have to do is put a plate of food down and I get 20%. used to be that servers made federal minimum- something like $2.35/hr but here, most servers are making what warehouse/fast food wages are so the argument that they NEED tips to live has really diminished over the last 15 years in SOME parts of the country. that said it's still a service industry and tipping should be based on service, not expectation. server that makes $5/hr is a whole lot more motivated to perform than same server hired from mcdonalds and it's a lateral pay move.

and rd, I'm with ya. haircuts- just price the service at what it's worth. heck. even my dog groomer has their hand out and it's 3 girls in a small salon.