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Thread: Water leak.

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    Default Water leak.

    Hello I have a 2006 Moomba Möbius Ls. This summer I noticed water filling up at the back of the boat. The drip seal is good but I’m getting water in that area. Do you guys have any places to start looking or ideas on how to find a leak. I have factory ballest and I’m not sure how to check it for leaks or how to get to most of the plumbing.
    Any help help would be appreciated.

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    Try closing off the ballast first to give you a starting point. Depending on how many inlets you hav you should have a shut-off valve at each inlet. Close each valve to isolate the ballast system. Run the boat around and see if you have leaks. I had a leak from my factory Rule pump on mine. But fittings and bags can leak too.

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    Agree with Turbinesurgeon, first turn-off the valve for any of the ballast bags. Be careful NOT to turn-off the valve for the motor or you will overheat.
    On a 2006 with the original parts, you should have 1 valve for the ballast system. Remove all the water from the bilge and center of the boat.

    For leaks, you probably have to run the motor in forward with some RPMs - one person steers and the other person is looking for leaks. Once you start to put a load on the motor to pump more water, you should be able to look around the motor to see if something is dripping or water is coming from the middle/front section of the boat.

    Water Pump and hoses to/from the water pump
    Bilge Pumps - probably have 1 on your boat
    Drip-Seal - but you said that is good
    Any Strainer installed on the boat
    Check the exhaust system and hoses where it exits the boat.

    Then start checking your ballast system:
    Water hoses coming into the boat
    Bag fittings or Tears in bags
    If the boat had the Gravity system, you would have a manifold that directs the water to the bags, but I'm not familiar with what the factory installed on the 2006 Moomba Möbius LS

    Good luck.
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    check the thru hull exhaust fitting. The sealant can fail.
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    Mine leak at the fittings. Especially the dump line at the through the hull. It drives me crazy, Im trying to find all new o-rings....

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