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    Default Bimini Top for 06' Outback

    I recently ordered a factory Bimini top for my 06' Moomba Outback with tower from Moomba. It will arrive sometime next week. I was wondering how hard these are to install, any info would be appreciated?

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    Pretty simple install. You will need to drill a few holes in your tower. You will drill two on each side of your tower for the main bimini bracket mount. You will then have 4 rivets total to install in each of these holes. You will also need to install two clips on the from leg of the tower on both sides and two more clips on the deck of your boat on both sides. The bimini should come with instructions or you can get them from your dealer.

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    ditto what jon said.

    i installed one on my old outback and i would call it a 2 beer job

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