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    Lightbulb 2008 Moomba Mobius LSV Wakemakers Custom Ballast Upgrade Parts Help!

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm trying to get a parts list made up to make an order from wavemakers on black friday. I have an 08 moomba LSV with the factory GIII bags. My plan is to add the wakemakers universal fit rear locker bags 1020 lbs (50L x 25 Wx 20H), keep the stock factory GIII ski locker bag, and add 2 wakemakers universal fit bow bags up front 700 lbs (60L x 25 W x 15Wx 8 H). My plan is to use all of the factory fill and drain pumps, with keeping in mind of possibly upgrading pumps in the future. The plan is to add a Y fitting into the vent line of the ski locker bag and then run those hoses to each fill port on the bow bags. On each bow bag I plan to use a Y fitting and vent both bags to the vent line for the factory ski locker bag. I plan on draining all 3 bags with the factory drain pump which sucks from the center ski locker bag and think gravity will drain the bow bags into the ski locker bag. The rear bags have a total of 5 ports per bag. The bow bags have 4 ports per bag. I would like to use the quick connect fittings for the bags. Has anyone done this upgrade and happens to have a parts list to help me out? I live in Canada, so do not want to have to order twice and make mistakes. Any other helpful info that I may be forgetting? TIA for reading my post and helping! PS I have contacted wavemakers, but they were unable to really help me with specific info/parts to make this happen. Thanks

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    my old supra was very similar to the lsv.
    I ran just a 400lb on the seat up front along with the center ski locker bag and was all that was needed. any more and with the low freeboard of the boat rollers became an issue. we still took water over occasionally but can't imagine having more up there.
    if you can swing it add additional fill/drain pumps while you are at it. it's about 15 minutes to fill/drain the 1100lbs in the rear on a single pump.
    my coin, order what you think you need and if you are short a few pieces/parts get them locally. picking up 90% of the parts will still save some coin.
    or reach out to MLA on here with your order and see if he can beat wakemakers price. his customer service is 2x what theirs is imo.
    good luck....
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    Been looking at adding a IBS up front on my '12 LSV also..... As @Sandm mentioned though the idea of bringing the bow any lower makes me very nervous as rollers are always a concern on our small lake.... We take a trip down to Norris once a year though and down there I wouldn't worry much about it..... My boat gets 98% of its use on small Indiana lakes though and you wouldn't believe how choppy it gets in a hurry on the weekends.


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    On our 2010 lsv. I purchased the 910lbs for rear and a 750lbs for the bow that I piggy backed off the center.
    surf side is full, non surf side is about 3/4 or less, center full, and bow is only about 1/3 full and then use the wake plate to help adjust it and clean it
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