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    Default Mojo/Makai good all around boat?

    First time poster here!

    I currently have a 2015 Sweetwater Godfrey Tritoon w/Yamaha 150hp. Bought it new when we bought a condo on a Smith Mountain Lake VA. We only get one slip with the condo.
    My kids are 10 and 8 and getting into water sports more and more. I love my tritoon but Iíve been thinking hard of trading it in for a wake boat. I love the price point of Moomba and Iíve been looking at Mojo or Makai. My wife doesnít want to give up the roominess or smooth ride of the tritoon. Kids and I want the sleek wake boat!
    Question for the forum... does a mojo make a good all around ďfamily boatĒ. I know it wonít be as smooth of a ride in chop like
    The tritoon but can it still be comfortable/enjoyable cruising the lake when we arenít doing water sports and just cruising? We normally host friends and family so 8-12 people is our normal crew as well.

    Is the Makai much smoother than the mojo since itís bigger or is the ride difference ornegligible?
    I havenít demo a ride yet but will soon btw. Just wanted to get some opinions! Thanks in advance!

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    Default Mojo/Makai good all around boat?

    There is a wakesurf pontoon.

    But with a crew of 12, I would opt for the Makai

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    We do 12-14 on our mojo regularly with at least half being elementary school kids and it works. If I were buying new right now I would go with a mojo or Makai or maybe even just go big with an SL or an SE. All that being said, we are very happy with our mojo and haven't been tempted to trade... Yet.
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    12 people on our Makai would be no problem. Our boat is starting to throw a mean wave. At sea level the 400 with the new 1.76 tranny will be sweet. She's smooth and very nimble for having such a fat ass.
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    If you are looking for the space, makai all the way. Tons of room, very open and space to store pretty much everything without having to pack stuff on the seats.

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    12 adults in a mojo is tight after everybody brings their coolers and gear. Doable but tight. The interior of the Makai is yuge! I would own a Makai if my garage was 6" longer.
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