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    Default Moomba LSV Illusion Tower dangerously loose - check yours!!

    I have the Illusion Tower on my 2011 LSV (Moomba borrowed it from Malibu). I heard a few rattles I havent heard before last time on the lake and went hunting for anything loose. When I grabbed the base of the tower (in the folded down position) I could easily rotate it with my hands. When the tower is upright it doesnt move much because of its weight. I was shocked how many turns it took to tight the three bolts on each side.

    It takes a 3/4" socket for the bottom nylon locking nut underneath and a 3/8" hex for the head of the bolt. Reaching both is a PIA! I used two extensions, and had to raise the tower to get the spring out of the way so I could get the socket on it. Then lower it to tighten from the top using a swivel on the hex. Long sleeves recommended. Forearms are pretty itchy from reaching up inside the inner walls to put the socket on the nut.
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    It's called the V2 tower on Moomba, then the OZ tower when it went tubular. Both from XTP in Maryville... just a bit of info. But yes, very similar, if not the same as the Illusion and IllusionX. You can also use board rack mounts from the Malibu as the pattern is the same.

    Great catch on the tower and always being aware of what is going on with your boat and being able to fix it. It's something that's used often and should be checked for play periodically.
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