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    Wakeplate all the way up for surfing. Speed you should start at 10 and test it out to 11.4mph. 10 will make a big short wave, and the faster you go the cleaner and longer it will get but it will lose height as you speed up. I like to surf between 10.8-11.2mph depending on how many people are in the boat. The more people/ballast/weight, the faster you can go.

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    lap, my old 20ssv is very similar to the lsv hull. I had the best luck at 10.5ish. any faster and the wave would disappear. this was listed with 1500 in the back corner, 400 in the center locker and 400 up front running a crew of usually 4 adults. wakeplate would vary depending on each outing but it's pretty easy to adjust as you set up the wave. usually had a smidge of the plate deployed to clean up the face of the wave.
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