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    Default 2001 Outback leaning

    Hey everyone, looking for some help and new to the Forum and Moomba.

    Picked up a 2001 Outback and runs great, but if only one person in the boat, or no additional weight on the port side that side seems to lift. Seems like the weight of the boat is off balance, or impacted by the hull design? Is this a common problem or has anyone else noticed an issue similar to this? I thought I had seen a post on this topic but couldn't find it.

    I had a person sitting on the left side (port) of the boat and tracking was great, they moved to the rear (dead centre) and the driver's side dropped and the opposite side lifted and made steering/tracking a bit of a challenge.

    Hoping someone may have some suggestions other than adding weight to the opposite (port) side as that doesn't seem like the right permanent fix.

    I've also read that the prop could help with this, assuming adjusting the torque?


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    The Outback is a ski boat so like a ski boat they are sensitive to weight distribution. Putting your anchor and spare prop and anything else heavy on the port side helps.
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