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    Default What are the rubber gromets on the tower?

    Hey all,
    Just picked up a '18 mojo the tower did not come prewired with the amp. It did come with the upgraded bow/sub/amp. I pulled the outside rubber plugs out on the bottom of the tower. It had a couple of red and blue small wires. I pulled the 4 stoppers at the top of the tower (2 on each side beside the mounting holes) they were attached to one heavier wire each. What are all these wires? Are the big wires pull wires or are they speaker wires? Is there somewhere in the boat that they all go to and commecr to something? Thanks for any insight!

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    I'm betting your tower is prewired even though you didn't get the tower speaker/amp option. That's how mine came. Look under the post side compartment back up towards where the tower attaches to the boat itself. You should see a group of wires with connector tips. This is where you'll connect your speaker wire if you add an amp/tower speakers. FYI, it may be easier to remove your 6.5 kicker component speaker to gain access to all these wires.
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