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    Default Starting issues 2001 outback. Need help. I am stuck.

    Okay, so I I just revamped my entire boat this winter (new stereo, new interior, new carpet, new lighting, even went and had boatmate build me a new tandem trailer. It's as new of a 2001 outback as you can get. Literally a complete overhaul.

    And now, I cant get any power to the start up process.

    New starter, new ignition switch. You name it, it has been replaced and everything is brand new.

    What the issue is, is that when I turn the key on, and then go to start, there is NOTHING.



    Batteries are fully charged.

    I have power to my stereo, tower lights, interior and accessory lights, everything is working BUT the "start".

    Any ideas before I loose half my summer to having it in a shop ?

    Thank you
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    Get a meter and trace it out. The depthfinder may be switched so I would check the ignition switch for power in and power out and trace it in the direction that should take you to power. Fuses and breakers should be checked.
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    Had the same issue on my 2001 Mobius . Check the wires behind the ignition switch and make 100% sure they are connected , make sure the ground is ran over to the "switches" ground . Take a volt meter and check they are hooked up in the proper order behind the ignition switch . If all is good go back to the rear of the engine there should be fuse "boxes" ( little black housing with fuses in them ) . Mine has 2 . One of which runs the fuel pump . Check and make sure all your fuses are good obviously then use your volt meter and check to see if your getting signal back to the those fuses , they should come on when ignition is hot . Some will only go hot for a few seconds but others you will see volts constant . This literally took me about 2.5 months to trace down . Have a post on the board for the same issue . Would have been July-ish of last year

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    So after a day of tracing wires, volt meters, test lights, i have found that the purple wire that runs off of the ignition switch up on the dash, when turning the key over to "start" and kick the motor on, that wire is receiving a very strong 12volts from somewhere (like it is hot and will burn). I only get this when the main wiring harness is plugged into the back of the motor. I opened up the distribution cover to trace where that purple wire split off into 4 components (now 4 different purple wires) and traced them to they go. I disconnected them so that no power was going to the components (basically the power in that wire from the ignition switch on the dash is now going to theoretically nothing once the main plug is connected back into the motor. Go to turn key on and then over to start, and that same "hot" 12volts is coming in on that purple wire up on the ignition switch, yet that wire is going nowhere. That's where i left off and now it seems i am in a sequence of disconnecting everything to see what is sending power back into that wire.

    Any advice on what to do next ?

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