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    Question Questions about upgrading just the rear ballast bags on a Max.

    Does anyone have pics of a Max with upgraded rear ballast bags?

    I’m trying to see how much they fill the rear lockers and how the wave looked if that is all you upgraded. I really don’t want to lose storage if I add midship bags since we stow our cooler, floats, anchor and everything else in the midship lockers. I was thinking of upgrading the rear bags to 1200 lbs or more and then buying 300 lbs of lead to split midship. That would give me about 4500 lbs of ballast without losing midship storage. Thoughts on this approach or pics of your Max setup if it is similar? Would this amount of weight + a crew of 3-6 people give a much larger wave over stock or are midship bags a must for a big wave in a Max? I mean I'll reorganize my midship items to the bow and ob storage if I have to but I'd REALLY love to retain a lot of the midship storage if possible.
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