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    Post Fuel pump / sending unit grommet recall

    My dealer informed me there is a safety recall out on a fuel pump grommet for boats built from Sept 2018-May 2019 IIRC. Mine was built during April so I'm on their list to inspect. They were going to personally visit all of their customers' boat locations and do an inspect and replace if needed. I was due for my break-in service so I declined their offer to come see my boat since I needed to bring it in anyways. Apparently this fuel pump / sending unit is used in several towboat manufacturers so it's not just a Moomba or Supra thing. I can't remember the specifics they told with the grommet other than that it could case a leak which of course would not be good lol. Glad my dealer is on top of this kind of stuff because I tried a little google searching and came up empty. Anyone got the official details or a statement from SC?

    Dropped mine off last Thursday and can’t wait to get her back so we can finally play around with surfing!

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    Default Fuel pump / sending unit grommet recall

    Yep my dealer called me on the 31st about it and I stopped by on the 1st to have it checked and mine was one that needed replacing so I left it and picked it back up on Wednesday the 5th.

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