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    Default Autowake add on?

    Just wondering if auto wake is something that can be added on later to the new boats? Assuming that it's just a plug in and program type of thing?

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    I'd love to know this answer too.
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    I recall there being a thread on the benefits of autowake, maybe 2 yrs ago or so, one thing I noted was some people mentioning they were turning it off. AW will empty ballast in order to achieve a wake shape so to speak, and fills/empties ballast depending on weight distribution(passengers, gear, etc). SOme did not like the idea of loosing weight and therefore overall displacement. Not sure if AW is different now. I do continue to have reservations about loosing displacement to achieve a particular wave amplitude or shape. I can shape the wave amp and length by moving people around or using the wakeplate and surf tabs and changing speed without affecting displacement. I obv do not have AW in my boat now so I'm not speaking from experience but rather from what I remember from other threads, and from simple deduction., and I don't feel like I am missing out on anything. The only thing I wish I had was a digital modern touchscreen to quickly adjust the plate/tab settings easily and quickly. As it is now the process of navigating my screen to make adustments is very cumbersome.
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    Autowake will adjust ballast to achieve pitch and roll.

    However once you understand it, you can max your ballast and move your Crew or lead in the static mode and hit your pitch and roll dynamically.

    Itís really awesome.

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