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    Default Adding more weight

    I've got a 08 mobius lsv with the gravity ballast setup.
    I was thinking about adding 1100s in the rear and using the 750s for the bow (not fully filled)
    So just wondering if anyone else has done this?
    Do the 1100s fit?
    Is a 1433 prop good enough for this weight?
    How much weight is common for the bow to get a better wave?
    Thanks for reading!
    2008 Moomba Mobius LSV.
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    I basically have this set-up, but have an extra 650#'s of lead that I also use (push all about displacement). I use the 1617 (Wakemakers recommends) blade which seems fine, but others like 2315, 2079, 2419 (need to worry about trailer clearance with larger diameter props). A wake shaper will help clean-up wave. I upgraded from 500#'s to 750#'s in the bow last year and it helped lengthen wave.
    2008 Mobius LSV
    1100's each rear
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    Plus bags 625 and lead 650
    Reversible pumps-3
    ACME 1617 prop
    Fresh Air Exhaust
    Ronix shaper

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    my supra was close to the lsv in dimension. I had 1100's in the rear. made a world of difference. I don't think they filled up completely but close enough.
    400 in the center and bags on the seats up front as my underseat was not big enough for an ibs.

    1235 prop has treated me good but there are others out there that will perform just as well.

    add more pumps tho. fill times on the 1100's are painfully slow through the sprinkler valve setup.
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    Mine is the 08 XLV and I run 1100s in the back. wakeboarding the most I go is about 60 to 70% rear and the 1180 bag under the playpen full. Surfing it's 3000 to 3500 pounds of weight.
    2008 Moomba Mobius XLV. Monster Cargo Bimini, WS Rev 410's, Polk Cabins, 3 Infinity Subs, PPI amps, WS420, Exile BT, upgraded ballast pumps, up to 3,500+ pounds of ballast, Blue LED's...
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