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    Quote Originally Posted by wario View Post

    Iíll be back down with the boat tomorrow, Iíll get you some lower speed wake pictures. To answer to your question though is yes it will clean up.


    That setup was 900ís in the lockers, 1k in lead midship and 300 in the bow. Swell is 65 regular and 70 goofball. Center is always at 0 for surfing and 50 for skim. We ride anywhere from 10.8 to 12 MPH
    Sweet I have a 18 Se and 800# lead midship. Been running 85 swell, Iíll try 65 and see what happens

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewd View Post
    but it is starting to feel like the sweet spot for a decent all around wakeboat/surf boat is 22ft'ish. little smaller side for more wakeboard focus.. a little larger for more surf focus.. but that's just a feelin.
    this has been exactly my experience. first boat was a 20ft supra. it surfed OK but when i traded it in, the dealership used it as their shop wakeboard boat for the rest of that season before selling it. they raved on the wake(from a tige dealer who now sells supra). second boat was 22ft and did everything well. boat now is a 23.6 and it surfs great but the couple times i've viewed the boarding wake(granted we don't at all) it's not as good as the 22ft and can't even imagine running a slalom set off the boat as at 35 it's still got a pretty decent hump to get over.

    good luck in the hunt.
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    All of you have been great! You know at 50 we can't screw up our decisions as much and have time to recover.

    So I just want to say thanks to ALL that has pitched in to help Julie and I.

    Right now we are boatless... the summer we may go without.. we may get something.. who knows what life brings.

    But I know its gotta meet our needs.

    Spending this kinda cash now for us anyways isn't a drop in the bucket.

    We enjoy it.. its also good to keep up the mobility going into our 50's. But she's a pricey hobby for most folks including us.

    So thanks again everyone, I am humbled by all that is pitching in to help a couple strangers on the internet.
    Especially when you're out on the water with YOUR family and the limited time you have, to stop for us and check something out... I thank you all.

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    Happy shopping, letís us know when you find your boat.

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