okay so long story short I installed a New indmar starter on my 2015 Moomba mojo and now when you turn key it barely sends power to start in pulses.. SO just to test things I have a oldskool push starter switch that you plug one side to power cable on battery and the other clip on start post.. Hit it and with key on it fires boat right up!

So I got a new starter relay just to try it.. same story.. I own a power probe which is a test light that can send power or ground. started the boat up from relay sending ground.. so relay is good and starter signal wire from relay to starter is good!

So I went to the ignition switch to test it and it is sending 12 volts out of the yellow and red wire! But whats funny is it has to go somewhere else to turn it into a ground pulse that activates the starter relay?

CAN someone please Help me with this? where does is go to in the rear of boat that it changes it over to ground signal then into starter relay which sends power to the starter! Thank you ive been messing with this all nights its actually 4 am right now!!!