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    Long story short. My boat took a crap yesterday first the radio stopped working then horn then all my toggle switches, ballast stopped working. Then running across the lake everything started working again. Slalom shop replaced the screen in the winter but didnít see anything lose under the dash. Does anyone have a wiring diagram going to check the basics first make sure all my power and grounds are good. 2015 mojo thanks

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    Did you ever figure this out? My 2015 Mojo has a similar issue going on. Rough day on the lake and took a beating. Everything was working while commuting to our chill spot. Then when I went to leave my head unit wouldn't turn on. The transom remote was fine and I checked all the fuses, but nothing was flipped / blown. When I got back to the ramp and went to pull the drain plug it was clear my bilge hadn't been running. I definitely have some digging around. Hope you figured your gremlin out.

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