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Consider designing a hull and surf system that doesn’t create as much lift that needs to be counteracted by weight - smarter not harder

So you are saying someone should drop six figures on a Moomba then they have to add 2000 + lbs of lead to maximize the wave? I’m a loyal Moomba customer and I say no thanks l.
Ok! Why don’t you create that system. You would be revolutionary! The hull and surf system that sinks itself.

You aren’t wanting to hear the physics. Yes it really would like to have 2000 pounds more. Do it with people. Do it with water. Do it with lead. It’s your choice.

What about a boat that is exactly the same length weighing 1200 pounds less to you doesn’t make sense? It has absolutely nothing to do with the shape of the boat or the type of tabs.

If you want your Makai to behave like an FI25, then fill it with water bags like the Fi is filled. Every compartment: WATER. No storage. Then you have what you’re asking for.

Not sure how else to communicate it.

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