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    Default Stereo Options

    As you know, I'm considering an 07 LSV. However I want to have a great stereo on board with tower speakers, lights and great quality. I also want the transom remote.

    1: Firstly, can I get no stereo (which assumes there is no wiring in the tower, and seriously have an installer put the thing together?

    2: Does the installation mean the tower must come off, meaning the boat could be scratched?

    3: Can you get a better deal aftermarket?

    4: Can they wire in a transom remote easily? (I assume this is no big deal)

    5: Here are the options below. Does the boat have a stero as standard, and I add on the oter items?

    6: Why does the factory not provide DETAILS of these stereo options? I think we should see model #'s, watage, speaker model we can see it they're good.

    7: Where is a picture of the light bar and speakers and specs on them?

    AM/FM MP3 CD (Sirius ready) Stereo 595.00
    Audio Remote- Transom Location 275.00
    CD Changer-10 Disc 395.00
    Package A - 4 Channel Amp for Cockpit Speakers 395.00
    Package B - Tower Speakers with 2 Channel Amp 795.00
    Package C - Tower Speakers & Light Bar with 2 Channel Amp 1,395.00
    Package D - Subwoofer with 2 Channel Amp 595.00
    Package E - Tower Speakers with Sub and 4 Channel Amp 1,195.00
    Package F - Tower Speakers & Light Bar with Sub and 4 Channel Amp 1,795.00
    Sirius Satellite Radio System w/6 Month Subscription 395.00
    Tower Speaker Clamps (for use w/2 speakers only) 125.00

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    1) If you buy the boat with NO Stereo - you get NOTHING, no speakers, no speaker wireing, no tower wireing, now cutout for the head unit, no cutouts for the speakers, no drivers remote, no wire harness, etc. The "stereo" switch and circuit breaker I beleve are still installed in the panel, but to my knowledge - Thats it !

    2) Depends on the install / installer

    3) Depends on what you want.

    4) Depends on your definition of "easy"

    5) See # 1 above.

    7) Pictures of light bar can be found on the main site by going to each and every boat with a tower and clickin on one of the cute little plus signs - they all have different pictures - some closeup, some distant, all helpfull - USE THE SITE to your advantage - it has answered some of your previous questions - give it a shot.

    For more details on the stereo - look at kenwood's website and see their marine radios - that is all moomba uses. Not sure what amp they are installing now - I KNOW a bunch of people here have them will get more info shortly.

    hope this helps,


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    Default Tower Speakers and Lights

    Thanks for the info on the (+) button on the towers for each boat. I had no idea they were different for each boat so I never looked around at the other boat. This is actually something that many people will not know about...and I think that the people building the web need to think about how better to show their boat options. An example is that the (+) button on the XLV GG boat shows the 4 blue lights, but are those speakers in those lights??? And...can I get those 4 lights (if they are only lights) on an LSV or are those only on the GG Boat?

    This is what I mean. When you go to buy a truck at some company on their web site, when I "Build" the truck and I highlight an option, I can see the option easily. I think that SC needs to have this built into their site so that when it comes to stereo, it states power, a picture, maybe model #. I could not find a picture of many options like the diamond plate options for trailer, the chrome options, the teak deck, etc.

    This forum is fantastic for askng these things and getting a response and is certainly why I am a Moomba potential customer...but as someone who likes to think I can get virtually all my answers on the web....I look forward to seeing more info on next years site.

    On the Marine site at Kenwood, I see 3 models of CD Units. Is the model # that comes with the boat KTS-MP400MR??


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    I agree with Shulaj. I know I want a Moomba but I'm starved for info on the boats and the brochure itself could be a whole lot more informative. I'm still trying to figure out the difference between the models. Then I'll tackle the options. I'm considering a fairly stripped down Outback V. I'll just keep reading the forums and learning that way.

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    Default Info

    Yes their web site needs some help but it is most certainly better than the others. Honestly, Moomba's is FAR FAR better. However, it needs to be a good as GM's for cars. They show pics of every option.

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    It might be worth it to just go down to a local dealer if they are close, or pick up the phone and talk to someone at SC...

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