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    Default LOJACK on a boat

    I've found two references to security inquires on the board that include mentioning of a LOJACK system, but there has not been any actual feedback on it...

    Has anyone installed LOJACK on a boat? I have two reasons for considering the product: I have an '06 Outback with no add-on goodies so I'm not particularly concerned with items being stripped; I work at a Toyota dealership where we regularly install LOJACK on new cars and I can purchase the system for $290 or $455 w/ the early warning option.

    My main security concern is having the entire boat/trailer stolen and this is the best system to ensure that you can get it back. Granted, this concern is very small as I park the boat with the trailer tongue in the 'swung away' position chained back to the trailer frame thus making it physically impossible to hitch up unless you make two cuts - one to remove the chain and one to get the lock out of the hitch latch. Even once you do that, I keep the pin for tongue inside the house, so unless the thief has something to pin the tongue in place with, it'll be pretty difficult to tow.

    Your opinion: Given that info, should I even concern myself with LOJACK? What are the statistics of boats stolen on-trailer right off of private property? I know that on-water theft is almost non-existent, but the LOJACK would also take care of any concerns there as well.

    I'm moving from an apartment to a house next month (2 minute tow to the boat launch!!!!) At the apartment there was a certain level of security, but once at the house, the boat will spend most days without a watchful eye on it.

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    The insurance companies have the statistics on boat thefts and your local insurance company would have statistics or knowledge of the theft rate in your area.

    Thieves hate anything that takes time and requires lugging tools around. I think you've done enough to thwart any attempt to take your boat. You've done a good job in making the security process rather subtle by locking the tougue back and removing the pin where sometimes the security process itself can draw attention. A thief will pick the low fruit (the ones that don't secure their boat or trailer) and I would say yours is out of reach. A good yard dog helps keep people away too with a sign "Do Not Disturb - Pit Bull In Training."

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    My dogs scared a guy out of my boat while parked in the front yard. I got up in time to just see the feet under the trees.

    I think they were after the stereo. Check this out:


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