Hope this doesn't rub anyone the wrong way, but I need a bit of assistance.. I am doing a restoration on a 1975 Mako center console. I managed to pick up an Indmar Raptor 400 that's basically brand new, originally was in a moomba craz. I need to know a couple of things as far as the wiring goes, and there's no info I can find anywhere. If someone can help, that would be great. I'll just list my questions below:

1. At the transmission end of the motor, there are two connectors, both two wires each. I am assuming it's fuel pump, but why are there two and which is which?

2. The wiring diagram I have references a "paddle" which I'm assuming is a speed sensor wheel. Where does it connect to the system?

3. If you take the cover off, right on top by the throttle body is a two pin connector, not a cable but a plug-in connector, right on top not far from the flame arrestor. What plugs in there?

That's what I have right now. I may have a couple more if this proves fruitful. Thank you in advance.