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    Default thinking about a mid 90's Boomerang

    Hi all, I'm seeing a few mid to late 90's Boomerangs for sale for around 10,000. I'm thinking of buying one of these beauties, but know little about Moomba's. Most of the boats I'm seeing for sale have a 351.

    Does anyone have any horror stories about these years of Boomerangs, or the 351? Any helpful advice would be appreciated.


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    Default Been around

    On behalf of the 351, when maitenenced on schedule, and stored properly in the winter, it is a great motor with a nice low end toque curve, and a very distinctive rumble, and will last forever. It served as a nice perky package for the Boomerang. Unfortunately, that motor is no longer produced, however, since it has been aroun forever, there are a ton of reasonable O.E.M. parts available. Brian Raymond

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    I bought a 95 Boomerang this April and love it. Its a great little, respnsive, quick, fun boat. It has the 351 and so far so good. Go for it!

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