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    Default Shopping for a Craz

    Hi all!

    Been on the water since I was 8 and (at 32) finally shopping for our first boat. Grew up sailing/teaching sailing at our local lake and psyched to finally get my kids (3 and 6) out on that same spot. Pretty set on the Craz as our limit is 22’ and I’d like to max out our size. I’ve demod the A22, T22/23, and new 22LSV. Bu was amazing..., but too much for our first rodeo. And while the wakes/waves on the Axis were great, the Moomba seems to offer more for the money and I like the look/finish on interior more.

    I’m thinking these are the must have options:

    Flow surf system
    Auto wake
    Depth finder
    Water strainer/flush kit
    Surf bimini
    Bow speakers with sub
    Wetsounds tower speakers w amp
    Gatorstep everywhere
    Swivel racks
    Seat back kit
    Transom walkthrough/stomp pad
    Dual battery
    Swing away tongue
    Spare tire
    Boat cover

    Any other options you’d suggest? Headed to boat show in January and psyched to see lots of options firsthand. I think my best bet is to find a leftover 2018, I’ve read dealers may be able to transfer these around? 15% off is probably a good deal, hoping to push past that on a leftover. Or maybe get a lightly used 2017 or 18. Surf system and bimini are different, is that a year to avoid or no big deal?

    Also open to private party deal, if you’re thinking of selling a Craz, LMK!
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