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    Default Mobius ballast upgrade

    Iím thinking about upgrading my stock rear ballasts in my 2013 Mobius to 850s. I found some used for a good price. I like my current surf wave but I thought why not upgrade. If I donít upgrade my front ballast weight, will increasing my rear by 400 pounds make the wake be too short? Will I be surfing a lot closer to the back of the boat?

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    i am not as knowledgeable as others on this but i would say yes, adding more weight to the back of the boat without changing anything else will give you a steeper but shorter wave to work with. I would say you could upgrade to a larger bow bag if you have room, add an extra bag just to sit on top of the bow seats and fill it with a portable pump, add some lead bags, or just adjust your wake plate so the bow comes down more ( that probably depends on where you have it now). I'm sure others will chime in with other/better info.
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    Definitely need to add front ballast if you adding that March to the rear. Makes a big difference in this hull.
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    Iím with STX - Definitely upgrade the front and rear bags at the same time. On our Ď14 LSV I upgraded the rear bags to 900ís, added a 500# IBS and wish I went with the 650.... I actually kept the stock 650ís and bought a Tsunami pump for additional weight for when we surf with just 3 people and it works great. But the LSV really likes bow weight so make sure to upgrade your IBS at the same time
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