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IMO resale is only up to the owner and how well you maintain your boat. Keeping every receipt and showing maintenance records says "I love my boat" and not I own a Malibu. Your buying/building a boat, last thing you should be thinking about is resale.
Negative selling tactics is the WORST! Bashing other brands to make yours look better IMO is signs of a week sales person.
So did you make a good choice... YES! Surf gate is a wonderful product and works fantastic! My experience with it is on a 23LSV & M235. I felt I was fighting the steering wheel all day and just got old. Another issue that i didn't like is you had to take the surf gate off turning around. With the gate deployed you couldn't steer in one direction. The owner just told me to turn the opposite way, all good a great till you have to adjust on the fly approaching your down rider. Surf waves were great but as a full time driver the last thing I wanted was fighting to keep the boat tracking on a long hot day. Dealing with Moomba and mostly a MAX last season I was able to let go of the steering wheel and the boat would stay pretty much on track when the surf tabs were deployed. Zero issues turning with the surf system on and felt confident around down riders. It's going to take more tweaking out of the box for a Moomba but once you get it you wont look back. Not sure if you got Autowake but this is what will set Moomba higher then any other brand. No matter the crew, ballast, gas, etc. you will always have that consistent wave. Being able to watch your pitch and roll almost becomes addictive, it's so damn cool.
That surf pic of the Mondo... WOW!
Yep. Flow 2.0 and auto wake 3 was ordered.